Ever have trouble sharing game tape with your fellow coaches, your players, or their parents?

If you've hit storage limits, had difficulty downloading video, or just found the other options for sharing clips and video too complex & too expensive — then Share Game Tape is for you!

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This 90 second demo video will show you just how easily you can upload clips, share them, and even review them right in the system!

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Unlimited Storage
No limits to the size or number of videos you can upload — that means no more crashing in the middle of an upload because you're suddenly out of space, having to make space before you can upload, or being forced into another price upgrade just becuse you've already uploaded a few videos!

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Simplified & Unlimited Sharing
Share via a simple link emailed or texted to anyone, any time, you want — That means with just a few quick clicks, your tape will be shared with just the people you want (and you never have to worry about hitting access or download limits).

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* this feature requires an active subscription
Unlimited Downloads
No limits or restrictions to the number of times you can download — that means your videos won't be locked in our system, you can take them wherever and whenever you want, and it won't cost you a small fortune just to access your own stuff!

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Power Tools
All the features, none of the fuss — View & comment on your tape and within your tape directly online. Keep track of who is viewing, watching, & downloading your stuff. Manage groups for sharing and alert settings. All made quick, simple, and fun to use!

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